ICRC Services

Pre Contract Regulatory Services
The ICRC through the PPP Resource Department has a responsibility to provide guidance to MDAs to ensure PPP projects are developed within the approved regulatory, institutional and legal framework.


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Post Contract Regulatory Services
Pursuant to Section 10 of the ICRC Act, the ICRC, through the Contract Compliance Dept (CCD) is responsible for monitoring and facilitation of the implementation of priority PPP Projects undertaken by the federal government under different contractual arrangements or schemes.


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Capacity Building
The Federal Government established the ICRC in cognizance of the collaborative roles that the public and private sectors share in pursuing the country’s national growth and development agenda, especially as it concerns infrastructure provision and delivery.


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National PPP Processes for solicited proposals
In any PPP  process  for  solicited  proposals,  the ICRC performs the following specific roles/services:

  • Engage with MDA prior to commencing PPP to ensure viability and bankability of proposed projects.
  • Review OBC (outline business case) submitted by MDA and, subject to assessment, issue an OBC Certificate of Compliance to the MDA, or decline issuance and advise the MDA accordingly.


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PPP Units Consultative Forum (3PUCF)
3PUCF is an informal and voluntary forum designed to provide a platform for Heads of PPP Units in Federal MDAs for knowledge and experience sharing; ensuring symmetry of effort towards institutionalising the Federal Government’s PPP programme, provision of training and educational intervention among others.


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The Nigeria PPP Network (NPPPN)
The Nigeria PPP Network (NPPPN) is established as a platform for forging a common understanding and evolving common practices among federal and state PPP Agencies in the country. The NPPPN also serves as a vehicle for a national advocacy and shared learning for PPP best practices.


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Publication of the PPP Projects Pipeline
In compliance with the provisions of Section 2(4) of the ICRC Act, the ICRC publishes annually a list of Federal Government projects eligible for PPP procurement in three national newspapers.


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PPP Contracts Disclosure
The Commission, in 2014, with the support of the World Bank Institute (WBI), has developed guidelines for PPP contracts disclosure in Nigeria. The overall goal of the guideline is to institute a system that will ensure that the management of PPP contracts in Nigeria is as transparent as possible.


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