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ICRC Resources

ICRC Documents

  • PPP Units Consultative Forum of FGN MDAs.  Sept 2020. Download PDF
  • Establishment of An Aviation Leasing Company In Nigeria.  July 2018. Download PDF
  • Teaser  On National Carrier – Nigeria Air.  July 2018. Download PDF
  • Nigeria Airports Project Presentation  At Farnborough.  July 2018. Download PDF
  • How APM Terminals In Nigeria Have Impacted Trade, Creating Jobs And Ensuring A Sustainable Business Environment. Download PDF
  • PPP Resource Department: Report for the Period of March 2018 –  Download PDF
  • Ibom Deep Sea Port – Investment Teaser 05.01.18 –  Download PDF
  • Project readiness – Due diligence and feasibility studies – Download PDF
  • Creating A Framework For PPP Programs, A Practical Guide For Decision Makers – Download PDF
  • Bankability, More Than De-Risking Projects –  Download PDF
  • Infrastructure Financing in Malaysia – Download PDF
  • Philippines Infrastructure Development is a Priority – Download PDF
  • PPP Policy and Practice, a reference guide – Download PDF
  • The Truth about Thailand’s Transport Infrastructure Development and Financing – Download PDF
  • Establishing Public Private Partnerships. – Download PDF
  • Project identification and preparation in South Africa – Download PDF
  • PPP guide for decision makers – Download PDF
  • Disclosure Diagnostic Report for Nigeria – Download PDF
  • Economic Recovery and Growth Plan – Download PDF
  • Concession for infrastructure: A guide to their design and award (WB Document) – Download PDF 
  • National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan – Download PDF
  • Circular from SGF on the involvement of ICRC by MDAs prior to commencing PPP projects – Download PDF
  • Introductory note to Disclosure of Project and Contract Information in Public-Private Partnerships – Download PDF
  • SERVICOM Charter – Download PDF
  • PENCOM Regulation on Investment of Pension Assets – Download PDF
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework for PPPs – Download PDF
  • Overview of DFID Nigeria’s support through NIAF and PPP lessons learnt –Download PDF
  • PPP contract Management – Download PDF
  • PPP project development support by AfDB – Download PDF
  • Risks Management – Download PDF
  • Role of PPP units in MDAs – Download PDF
  • Standard Content of an OBC and FBC – Download PDF
  • Tackling Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit through PPPs – Download PDF
  • The Role of Transaction Advisers in a PPP Project – Download PDF
  • Value for Money and Public Sector Comparator – Download PDF