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ICRC superintends and regulates PPPs in Nigeria

PPP Contracts Disclosure

The Commission, in 2014, with the support of the World Bank Institute (WBI), has developed guidelines for PPP contracts disclosure in Nigeria. The overall goal of the guideline is to institute a system that will ensure that the management of PPP contracts in Nigeria is as transparent as possible. A number of laws, including the FoI Act 2011, the Public Procurement Act 2007, and the ICRC Act 2005, were reviewed, and PPP contract disclosure guidelines from 11 jurisdictions were considered.

The contract disclosure document aims to achieve the following:

  • Design and implement clear and concise guidance for systematic disclosure of PPP project and contract information
  • Develop formats for presentation of PPP contract information
  • Ensure clarity of information to be disclosed and timelines for disclosure
  • Include performance indicators and abatements/penalties for events of failure
  • Evaluate Information on actual performance against agreed levels
  • Assess information on contract variations
  • Validate information prior to disclosure

Introductory note to Disclosure of Project and Contract Information in Public-Private Partnerships  –Download PDF

Objectives of PPP Contract Disclosure – Download PDF

Guidance on PPP Contract Disclosure –Download PDF